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    Boilerhouse Automation
Boilerhouse Automation is essential for the efficient running of any building, large or small, water or steam. Major financial savings on fuel and maintenance costs equate to very short pay back periods on the capital investment.
        Computer Room Control & Monitoring
The control and monitoring of computer rooms housing mainframes, servers and network controllers is vital to any company operation. Our Building Management Systems can control temperature and humidity to fine levels and can send out alarms via e-mail, mobile phones and the Internet, ensuring that valued computer systems do not crash.
        Environment Condition Monitoring
and Control

TThe specialist equipment that monitors and controls buildings, such as Art Galleries and Museums, maintains the light, temperature and humidity at the correct levels to ensure artefacts on display and in storage are not damaged.
        Control Panels
Our Control Panels are designed to provide an interface between the electronic controllers, electrical control equipment and mechanical plant for seamless Building Management Control.